Photographer Follows His Girlfriend Around India, And Captures A Unique View Of Its Mystical Beauty

August 17, 2020

Russian couple Natalia Zakharova and Murad Osmann are no strangers to social media popularity. The couple rose to Instagram fame in 2013 when Osmann started posting photos for his “Follow Me” series. All of the photos featured Osmann’s hand being lead around beautiful and exotic places by his beloved.

Now the pair are in India and back to their old habits, and these photos are particularly special. India is a complex and enormous country, but it is also incredibly lush and vibrant. The environments that Zakharova and Osmann find themselves in – not to mention Zakharova’s beautiful saris – make excellent pictures. Their vibrant images capture their journey through the country from remote places like Jaipur, to tourist spots like the Taj Mahal.

Want to join them on their journey? Check out the photos below.

Photo:Murad Osmann

Photo:Murad Osmann

Photo:Murad Osmann

Photo:Murad Osmann

Photo:Murad Osmann

Photo:Murad Osmann

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