Top seven theatres that take your breath away

August 18, 2020

Bristol Hippodrome in Bristol, United KingdomBristol Hippodrome submitted by Becca Stimmo @BeccaStimmo13 from Littlehampton: “Beautiful building and lovely staff! So many happy memories!” (Credit: Getty/Matt Cardy)

Iași National Theatre in Iasi, RomaniaSubmitted by Bogdan Bucataru ‏@actorul_bogdan from Bucharest (Credit: Wikimedia Commons)

Teatro Olimpico in Vicenza, ItalySubmitted by Mariella Songav from Siena (Credit: Wikimedia Commons)

Globe Theatre in London, United KingdomSubmitted by both @theresemsl, who watched King Lear there during a storm, and Cherie Despres: “Shakespeare the way it was meant to be seen!” (Credit: Getty/Peter Phipp)

Palais Gariner in Paris, FranceSubmitted by Hasan Makhzoum: “Mainly for its overwhelming and sublime ceiling painted by Chagall!” (Credit: Flickr/scarletgreen)

War Memorial Opera House in San Francisco, USSubmitted by Abhinav Vats Schamber from Eugene, Oregon (Credit: Wikimedia Commons)

Teatro La Fenice in Venice, ItalySubmitted by John Kavanagh from Bristol: “Need you ask?” (Credit: Flickr/Miguel Mendez)

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